We often see our hair as a reflection of our identity or personality in a way that makes a statement. This deep relationship between hair and self esteem is evident throughout history. Hair is a symbol of beauty.

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Women’s Hair

Whether you need a trim, or a whole new you from a vivaciously fresh look you can trust our stylists to uncover your unique contemporary style. Whether it’s bangs, waves, curls, straightening, sculpting, softening, or accentuating the shape of your face, our stylists will bring your true beauty to bear.

Men’s Hair

A true gentleman is finely groomed down to every square inch. This includes a haircut that compliments the shape of your face and draws people into your countenance. Sometimes this calls for just the right trim and a touch of just the right product. Other times it’s about giving you a whole new hairstyle that accentuates your handsome looks while enhancing your sense of style.

Kids’ Hair

Let’s face it, children have a sense of style too, and a good haircut is about more than just keeping them from looking like a wild child fresh from the forest. A great haircut that matches the shape of your child’s face can give them the confidence they need to succeed in anything they do.

Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian Blowouts are an increasingly popular semi-permanent hair-smoothing treatment that uses the magic of science and a special keratin solution to seamlessly smooth out just about any type of hair. It’s a great way to take your current look to a whole new level or to transform your hairstyle in a way that will blow everyone away.

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Hair color is a matter of Chemistry. At Swank Salon our master colorists have the scientific knowledge behind hair and color. We know exactly what the hair shaft needs to be at its most manageable,conditioning and healthy state, and to give it incredible shine.
That’s why we offer only the best of the best. Our color line has

Single Process

Single-process hair coloring only takes one single step. It can be used to emphasize your natural base color as well as a root touch-up. Though it can just as easily give your hair all new life coloring from roots to ends.

Color Blocking

Color blocking infuses blocks of carefully colored highlights to your natural hair to boost and contrast your base color. This elevated form of face-framing highlights and gives your look a dramatic flair, while also adding visual depth.

Color Blending

Color blending is one of the optimum ways to essentially disguise your gray hairs by hiding them in plain sight. We artistically add other lighter shades to your hair to cloak the presence of your natural gray hairs, while also adding visual depth and stunning highlights.


Bring your hair to life by adding subtle contrast to your base color. Our stylists will work with you to find just the right balance to enhance the look of your hair while also framing your face and drawing people into your eyes.


The hair glazing treatments we offer strengthens and seals the hair cuticle, revitalizing the hair and giving it shine that infuses each strand of your natural hair. This prevents your permanent color from fading while also adding an impressive luster that is sure to turn heads.


Balayage is a technique of free hand painting highlights onto the hair that are natural and soft graduation of lightness toward the ends.

Hair Treatments

Hair treatments enhance not only the look of your hair but its health. We offer a wide range of hair treatments to help address issues with environmental damage, hard water, hair residue, and brittle hair, just to name a few.

Hair Extensions

Getting longer doesn’t require waiting months upon months for your natural hair to do its thing. Especially when our professional hair extensions can do it in a fraction of the time, and gives you the luscious head of hair you’ve always dreamed of. Even if you buy your hair extensions somewhere else we can install the extensions upon consultation.

Professional Products

We only work with the highest-end salon products. We offer them as part of our hair, makeup, and skin treatments, as well as offering them for purchase to let you use at home.

Duomo Authorized

Duomo is a color line company that is constantly driven to constantly innovate. Their product line includes industry-leading professional hair coloring products as well as high-performance care from Italy. As such we are proud to be an authorized dealer of Duomo cosmetics and use them in our treatments as well as selling them directly.

Seven Products


The look, color, and health of your nails say a lot. So, why not let your nails make a statement by enhancing them with our industry-leading cosmetic treatments? Not only will your nails look stunning, but they’ll be healthier for it.

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Polygel is a special type of cosmetic nail enhancement that uses a hybrid formula that carefully combines the durability of acrylic nails with the elasticity application of gel nails. This further reduces the risk of nails breaking or tearing while making them more functional in the real world.

Dip Powder

A dip powder manicure uses a special nail technique that starts with dipping each of your nails into a special high-end colored powder to imbue your nails with impressive color. We then apply a powerful clear sealant on top to help your nails to remain chip-free.


Nail gels are an elevated form of acrylic nail polish. The chemical composition means that gel polish will only dry under direct UV or LED light contact, while regular nail polish simply air dries. This creates a far more vibrant and long-lasting nail color than what you can get from store-bought nail polish.


High-quality acrylic nail polish lets you explore vibrant new nail colors that you can customize to your look. This lets you change your nail color to suit the moment or your wardrobe.

Gel Manicures

A gel manicure uses a high-end gel-based polish that needs a UV or LED light to cure the polish and lock it onto your fingernails. This process provides you with stunning nail color that is more durable than regular polish alone.

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The health and appearance of your feet say a lot about you. Whether you’re at yoga, walking up a flight of stairs, or you just want healthier feet, you can trust our technicians to restore your feet with gentle care.

This includes caring for toenails, removing dead skin cells from the feet, granular exfoliation, moisturizing, and massage. We also offer a special callus removal service with each pedicure

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Unwanted body hair abounds. It steals your natural beauty, making you look older than you truly feel on the inside. Our certified technicians offer a wide range of targeted waxing treatments to remove unsightly body hair or to sculpt the shape or redefine the look of existing body hair in a variety of places on your face and body.


Our technicians wax your bikini area by first applying a warm wax solution. Once the wax hardens, they will quickly remove it quickly and painlessly remove it using a spatula or muslin strip. We can remove as much or as little hair as you want from your bikini line.


Lip waxing carefully removes hair follicles from the upper lip and surrounding skin without leaving behind any traces of dark stubble like shaving would. Our time-tested technique is comfortable and helps the skin of your upper lip look naturally youthful again.


The eyebrow waxing technique used by our stylists carefully removes unwanted hair via a cold or hot waxing method. The cold wax strips are essentially sculpted pieces of pre-waxed material made from either muslin or cellulose strips.


Leg waxing is both more effective and leaves behind less annoying stubble than shaving. Our technicians used target techniques to remove all traces of unwanted hair from your legs, by deeply extracting the hair follicles from the dermis.


Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent that are attached to your natural eyelashes in order to make your lash fringe look longer, fuller, and darker.

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Classic lashes can be the ideal method for enhancing your natural lashes. Our stylists meticulously apply lash enhancements to each individual lash is applied to one natural lash to make them longer, thicker, and more stunning.


Hybrid lashes are custom designed to both increase length as well as add volume..


Volume eyelash extensions add depth and drama by attaching enhancements to each natural lash. This creates a dramatic fan or bouquet to enhance the full look of your natural eyelashes.

Mega Volume

Mega volume lashes are an advanced and sophisticated way to dramatically enhance lash volume. Our stylists do this by applying exceptionally light and thin extensions to each lash to create a fuller look.


We offer a broad menu of Certified facials to help rejuvenate your skin and enhance its natural glow. All our facial experts can help you understand what measures are best for your skin type and the state of your skin.

Classic Facial

A classic is both calming and cleansing. This includes a process of exfoliating, and extractions with a mask as well as a high-end moisturizer.

Anti-Aging Facial

Our anti-aging facials are carefully designed to reduce the signs of aging by meticulously targeting your mature, dry, or damaged skin. In the end, your skin will look brighter, tighter, and healthier after just one treatment.

Jelly Masks

Our certified technicians use jelly masks to improve your skin’s hydration, while also smoothing, moisturizing, washing, exfoliating, cooling, toning, and helping to reduce any lingering dermal inflammation.


Blackheads, pimples, lipomas, and ingrown hairs aren’t just unsightly, but they can affect the health of the surrounding skin. Left unchecked they can even lead to long-term dermal scarring. Thankfully our certified technicians have medical-grade tools and techniques that can extract bacteria, dirt, and other dermal debris to help your skin heal naturally.


Accentuating your facial features requires a practiced hand and high-end makeup products. Our stylists can help you take your current makeup scheme to the next level or help you find a whole new look to let your natural beauty shine through.

We proudly offer an ECRU line of makeup. Each element is specially formulated to create a clean, crisp, luxurious color with a blend of whites and beiges. It brings superior depth and character with a timeless quality that sets it apart from other types of makeup.

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